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Join The Guard - Information on joining the WV Army National Guard, Benefits and Careers.

Serving In The Guard
Brief overview of serving in the WV ARNG.
Soldier's Creed
Non Prior Service Enlistment
Enlistment criteria for those with no prior military training.
Previous/Current Active Military Enlistment
Enlistment criteria for military veterans or those currently enlisted in the armed forces.
Basic Training
Information on what Basic Training is all about.
Military Occupational Specialty (MOS)
Get on the job training for your civilian career while in the Guard.
MOS Video Collection
Military Occupational Specialty videos.
Officer Commissioning Programs
Get leadership training in one of the following programs; Officer Candidate School, Simultaneous Membership Program (ROTC), Medical Team, Unit Missionary Team, Warrant Officer.
Careers In The Guard
Information on various types of Careers (Military Occupational Specialties) in the WV ARNG.
Benefits for Service
Montgomery GI Bill
Provides help for college expenses through the GI Bill, College Fund and Kicker Programs.
100% Tuition Assistance
The Guard can fun up to 100% of your college tuition.
Student Loan Repayment
Get help in paying off current student loans when joining the Guard.
Health Care
Medical, Health and Life Insurance Benefits.
Earn nearly $500, 000 for retirement for serving in the Guard.
State Benefits
Benefits provided by the State of West Virginia to Guard Members.
Contact a Recruiter
Recruiter Database
Search for a recruiter by entering your zip code.
Recruiter Map
Find a recruiter with this interactive Flash® map.

Camp Dawson Regional Training Site - Camp Dawson Home Page
Army Aviation - Fixed Wing Training and Aviation Support Facilities

Fixed Wing Training (FWAATS)
Fixed Wing Army Aviation Training Site
Contact Us
C-12 Section
Detachment 28 Operational Support Airlift Agency
C-23 Section
C-26 Section
ResourcesStudent Guide
This section is to answer your questions related to travel, facilities, and accommodations while attending FWAATS courses of instruction.
Additional Resources
Army Avaition Support (AASF)
Army Aviation Support Facilities
AASF Calendar

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