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Recruit Sustainment Program

What is the Recruit Sustainment Program?
The intent of this program is to reduce training pipeline losses by introducing newly enlisted soldier to the military environment, and to ease their adjustment to Basic Combat and Advance Individual Training.

The mission is to prepare non-prior service enlistees, hereafter referred to as "Warriors", for the physical and mental rigors of initial active duty for training (IADT); instill the seven army values in each warrior; reduce training pipeline losses; and verify warriors are administratively, mentally and physically prepared to meet shipping requirements.

Training Concept
The Recruit Sustainment Program will incorporate instruction in; Academic, Physical Readiness, and Common Task Training. Each Warrior will be screened for administration problems as well as height/weight and physical fitness. New warriors will progress through different phases of Soldier Empowerment and Readiness (SEAR) training while attending the RSP Course:

Red Phase is the trainees' first drill weekend with the Recruit Sustainment Program. Because they are completely new to the Guard at this point, Red Phase weekends are spent mostly in the classroom, covering basic subjects new recruits need to know right away.

White Phase varies in length but covers the period between their first drill weekend and the drill weekend before they ship.

Blue Phase is the final drill before shipping and covers what the shipper should expect, both at Reception Battalion and BCT.

Green Phase is for warriors in the Split Training Option (STO). These warriors will return from BCT and drill with the RSP until they go to AIT. Since they have already experienced Basic Training, these warriors are groomed as junior cadre and given additional physical readiness training and leadership training.

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