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Self Referral

The PTO program can also assist in informational referrals for both service members and family members. If a service member or a family members is in need of help for substance abuse issues or mental health issues, they can contact the PC TSgt Jessica Cunningham @ (304) 201-3102.
Limited Use Policy (Army Only)
If you or someone you know is abusing alcohol or drugs, it is best to admit the concern to your chain of command so they can help before you get caught. If you admit your abuse and request help, you may be protected from any adverse action taken against you. Self-referrals are protected under AR600-85. You should contact your chain of command or the PTO (304-201-3102) office for assistance.

***All names and situations will remain confidential, and will be treated on a Need-To-Know ***

Referral Packet

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