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Desk Audits

Classification Audit and Package Implementation MOI

Desk Audit Request

What is a Desk Audit / Position Review?
A desk audit or position review is conducted to ensure the position is classified with the proper grade and title and accurately aligns within the organization’s infrastructure as well as position description to ensure the duties and responsibilities assigned meet the requirements of the organization’s mission.

A desk audit MUST be requested by supervisors:
                Desk audits will NOT be processed unless requested by a supervisor.
Employees do NOT have a right to a desk audit:
Based on information submitted in the request the State Classifier will determine if an audit is necessary. If the request is deemed invalid it will be returned to the requesting supervisor with an explanation for denial of request.  
A desk audit is NOT a promotion tool:  
A desk audit is conducted to review the job duties and responsibilities of the position, NOT the qualifications of the incumbent or the quantity of work.
Think spaces, not faces.
Desk Audits do NOT guarantee a promotion:
It’s true; a desk audit may result in the position being upgraded, however a desk audit may result in a position down grade or no change. 
Position description releases from NGB do not guarantee a promotion:
New position descriptions released by NGB (PDRs/CRAs) may result in a position(s) upgrade, down grade, no change in pay, or only a change in PD#, title, and/or occupational series. 
Position description releases from NGB are not automatic:
If the PDR does not abolish the current PD for the position, a desk audit/position review must be conducted by HRO Classification to ensure the new PD accurately outlines the job duties and responsibilities of the position in question.
The Desk Audit/Position Review process is NOT a quick process:
                Desk audits normally take 30 days but may take longer depending on the current OpTempo.  


Desk audit requests must be submitted to HRO Classification using the official Desk Audit form:
Desk audit requests must be submitted to HRO Classification by the supervisor using the WVNG HRO FORM511.
Questions, comments, concerns? Send them to the NEW HRO Classification Email Address:



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