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Education Articles & Power Point

NGB has created a short video to help build awareness for the education, incentive, and employment benefits the National Guard has to offer. This video, at http://vimeo.com/27338366 may be useful to open a briefing regarding education benefits in your unit or to promote education benefits among potential recruits.

Educating Sergeant Pantzke
PBS recently produced a show entitled "Educating Sergeant Pantzke" that describes in great length how "For-profit colleges" are aggressively recruiting and promising veterans a high-quality degree but seldom deliver. The graduation rate at for profit schools is less than half the rate of their not-for-profit counterparts.  Attached is the link to the video: http://video.pbs.org/video/2023963448. In this cost constrained environment we not only need to protect our resources but also need to look out for our Soldiers and their families.

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