Camp Dawson  

Nestled in the hills of North Central West Virginia, Camp Dawson lies within close proximity of 50% of the nation's entire population, yet Camp Dawson offers unique terrain and serenity that is unmatched.

Camp Dawson is an ideal site for military training and conferences, while also offering rugged mountainous regions for SPECIALIZED training. For your off duty hours, Camp Dawson lies within driving distance of many of West Virginia's historic sites, numerous resort areas, as well as the Tri State area's many metropolitan centers such as Pittsburgh and Washington D.C.

Scheduling your training or event at Camp Dawson is made simple by our "one-stop-shop" philosophy. From your group's Lodging to Land Navigation, your Camp Dawson Representative will coordinate it all.

Camp Dawson Event Center (CDEC)

CDEC operates Lodging, Dining, Catering, Post Exchange, Multipurpose Building and can be found by visiting the CDEC page.

Known Distance Range Engineering Evaluation/Cost Analysis

Currently Camp Dawson's Known Distance Range is undergoing remediation. 

Documentation regarding the project can be found by visiting the Environmental page.