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Command and Control

Student Resources
  • Flight Planning
  • FWAATS Local Weather
  • FlightFax Jan-Dec 2005
  • FlightFax Jan-Dec 2004
  • FlightFax Jan-Dec 2003
  • FlightFax Jan-Dec 2002
  • FlightFax Jan-Dec 2001
  • FlightFax Jan-Dec 2000

  • Power Point Training Classes
    Note: These Power Point  Classes/Presentations  are from external sources and  are not FWAATS courses. FWAATS provides these as a means of training for Units to prepare classes. It is the user's responsibility to ensure that information is correct and up to date.  If you have a Class/Presentation that you would like placed on this site for other units to utilize, please send to: michael.e.howard@ng.army.mil.

  • Airborne Weather Radar (ppt file)
  • Hypoxia & Oxygen Use (zip file)
  • Altitude Physiology (ppt file)
  • Fratricide (ppt file)
  • Mountain Operations (zip file)
  • Stress and Fatigue (zip file)
  • Airspace Training (ppt file)
  • Aircrew Training Program (ppt file)
  • Aviation Petroleum Safety (ppt file)
  • Cold Weather Operations (zip file)
  • Aircraft Survival Equipment (ppt file)

  • Aviation Links/Information
  • Army Aviation Personnel Proponency
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