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Attending a Course at FWAATS

Your time at FWAATS will be rewarding and productive if you come prepared. Most of the information you need can be located here on the FWAATS website. The Student Guide contains information that should answer most of your questions. As is the case at any military course of instruction, paperwork is important and is the most common hold-up at in-processing. Most forms needed to in-process can be found here. Your report day is Training Day 1, and is very busy. It consists of in-processing, classroom instruction and a full syllabus day of flying. However, if you do not arrive with the required documentation you will not fly, resulting in a delay of your training. Be sure to check your AKO email frequently as the Welcome Packets and ATTRS course info will be sent to your listed AKO email.

Critical Documents needed for In-Processing:

  • Army FW Instrument Currency
  • Current High Altitude/Low Pressure Training
  • DA 4186/“UP-Slip”
  • Aviation Service Orders (NGB or Federal as appropriate), Aviator
    BADGE orders not needed.
  • Travel Orders TO FWAATS

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