Camp Dawson  


Virtual Convoy Operations Trainer (VCOT)

Simulator Information

The VCOT provides training for combat convoys under realistic conditions through the streets of Baghdad and other areas.  VCOT ensures that soldiers are trained to anticipate ambushes and other insurgent actions from all possible directions by allowing the crew to observe, maneuver, and fire their weapons through a full 360 circumference.  Crewmembers are not limited by fixed screen projections; they have a complete and continuous view of the entire virtual world around them – as they would under real combat conditions. 


  • Location:   Camp Dawson Proper
  • Stations:  4 stations that trains 2 crew members at a time
  • Communication: No communication requirement.
  • Operator Requirement:  Operator must be VCOT operator certified
  • Scheduling:  To schedule this simulator, click on the Schedule Event link.

Requirements of the Using Unit
VCOT SOP requires that the "Using Unit" provide a certified operator to be on site in that capacity at all times during its use. Operator certification can be conducted by Range Operations by setting up an appointment for your designated operators.

No TA-50 is allowed in this facility.

Safety Restrictions

Supporting Information

Risk Management Worksheet

Hospital Strip Map

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Points of Contact
Range Operations:           304-791-4070
Post Operations:               304-791-4388