Camp Dawson  


 HMMWV Egress Assistance Trainer (HEAT)

Simulator Information

The HEAT is designed to replicate an actual real world vehicle rollover scenario, training the crew how to react to the rollover and egress from the vehicle once the rollover has stopped.  This simulator greatly increases crew survivability in the event of a real world rollover.


  • Location:   Camp Dawson Bldg 408
  • Stations:  1 station that trains 4 crew members at a time
  • Communication: No communication requirement.
  • Operator Requirement:  Operator must be HEAT certified (DD Form 1902)
  • Assets on Site:  Latrine
  • Scheduling:  To schedule this simulator, click on the Schedule Event link.

Requirements of the Using Unit
HEAT SOP requires that the "Using Unit" provide a certified operator to be on site in that capacity at all times during its use. The certified operator must have in his or her possession a valid DD Form 1902. Operator certification can be conducted by Range Operations by setting up an appointment for your designated operator.

Safety Restrictions
At a minimum a Medic, Emergency Medical Technician, or Combat Life Saver must be on site at all times with an aid bag. All participants must wear a helmet, vest, knee and elbow pads, and eye protection.

Supporting Information

Risk Management Worksheet

Hospital Strip Map

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Points of Contact
Range Operations:           304-791-4070
Post Operations:               304-791-4388