Camp Dawson  

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Camp Tackett

Camp Tackett is located 12 miles East of Camp Dawson.  The site is approximately 53 acres capable of supporting a company size bivouac site as well as serve as a staging area for other operations.  The site has 6 buildings on it that are currently available for use. 

  • Location:   Camp Tackett (PD 2668 6904)
  • Driving Distance from Post:  12 miles / 20 minutes
  • Communication: Radios will be issued by Range Control.  Cell phone can be back up.
  • Scheduling:  To schedule this training area, click on the Schedule Event link.
  • Ammunition Supported:  Paintball, simmunitions, flash bangs, and smoke.

Safety Restrictions
A combat life saver with Aid Bag must be on site at all times.  The using unit must also provide a vehicle capable of transporting a litter to be on site at all times as well.

Supporting Information
Risk Management Worksheet

Hospital Strip Map
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