Camp Dawson  

Volkstone Training Area
Training Area Description 
Volkstone Training Area is comprised of 465 acres and is situated on west bank of the Cheat River adjacent to Camp Dawson Proper. For scheduling purposes and to maximize training opportunities for co-usage, Volkstone is broken up into multiple training areas. The terrain is level and WV Route 72 bisects a portion of the training area.
  • Location:   2.5 miles from the cantonment area (PD 14286769)
  • Driving distance from post:  2.5 miles / 8 minutes
  • Walking distance from post:  2.5 miles/ 35 minutes (* Walking requires direct coordination with Range) Control
  • Communication:  Radios are issued by Range Control.  When available, cell phone numbers are obtained as an alternate form of contact.
  • Scheduling:  To reserve this training area, click on the Schedule Event link.
Sub-Training Areas/Opportunities
Volkstone Land Navigation Course   Bivouac Sites
Military Operations and Urban Terrain (MOUT) Volkstone (Landing LZ Zones)
Engineer Bridging Small Unit Tactics (SUT)
Indoor Livefire Shoothouse Mass Casualty Exercises
Mine Clearance Convoy Operations
IED Mitigation (Range 12)  


  • The use of off road vehicles is prohibited on this training area.
  • No latrines on site.  Porta johns are required and must be contracted by the using organization.
  • Use of pyrotechnics will be limited dependent upon weather conditions and prior permission from Range Control.
  • No digging without prior permission from Range Control.

Safety Restrictions / Hazards Present
  • Land Navigation Course has points in all training areas. Co-usage must be coordinated with Range Control.
  • Old silos, Environmental, Route 72
  • Explosive limits in disruptor pits
  • Muzzle awareness in shoothouse
  • Chance of severe weather exists at all times during winter months.

Supporting Information

Volkstone TA Map   Hospital Strip Map

Points of Contact
Range Operations:           304-791-4070
Post Operations:               304-791-4388
Environmental:                304-791-4135