Camp Dawson  

Pringle Training Area

Training Area Description
Pringle Training area is comprised of 2,100 acres. For scheduling purposes and to maximize training opportunities for co-usage, Pringle Tract is broken up into multiple training areas. The terrain is mainly reclaimed strip mine, brushy fields with a few trees, thick underbrush, and forested areas. Training opportunities include Small Unit Tactics, Land Navigation, Driver’s Training, Heavy Equipment Operator’s Course, Bivouac Sites, EPW, FOB, Landing Zones, and M203 Range.

  • Location:   5 miles from the cantonment area (PD 1163 6245)
  • Driving distance from post:  5 miles / 10 minutes
  • Walking distance from post:  3.2 miles/ 1 hour (* Walking requires direct coordination with Range Control)
  • Communication:  Radios are issued by Range Control.  When available, cell phone numbers are obtained as an alternate form of contact.
  • Scheduling:  To reserve this training area, click on the Schedule Event link.

Sub-Training Areas

21 E, Heavy Equipment Operator Site   Convoy Operations/Driver's Training
Pringle Land Navigation Course Bivouac Sites
M203 Range (Range 10) Enemy Prisoner of War Camp
Landing Zones  


  • The use of off road vehicles is prohibited on this training area.
  • No latrines on site.  Porta johns are required and must be contracted by the using organization.
  • Use of pyrotechnics will be limited dependent upon weather conditions and prior permission from Range Control.
  • No digging without prior permission from Range Control.

Safety Restrictions / Hazards Present

  • Land Navigation Course has points in all training areas.  Co-usage must be coordinated with Range Control.
  • Training area contains cliffs, rocks and dense vegetation in some areas.
  • Chance of severe weather exists at all times during winter months.

Supporting Information

Pringle TA Map                                     Hospital Strip Map

Points of Contact
Range Operations:           304-791-4070
Post Operations:               304-791-4388
Environmental:                304-791-4135