Camp Dawson  

One-Stop-Shop Philosophy

Scheduling your training event at Camp Dawson is made simple by our "one-stop-shop" philosophy. From your group's Lodging to Land Navigation, your Camp Dawson Representative will coordinate it all!

Scheduling a conference?  We have a Conference Coordinator that will coordinate your event as well as provide you with a variety of conference support services.

How it will work: (When scheduling through Operations)

We prefer that all training requests be submitted using our automated scheduling system however, you may also submit a request in writing using an ATS Form 1 (Request for Utilization). Below is how the process will work from setting up your event to the completion it:

1. Formal request is submitted by unit / organization to Camp Dawson Post Operations.

2. Post Operations will schedule the request in the order in which it was received. If there are any conflicts, non availability issues, or questions, a Post Operations staff member will contact the POC who submitted the request.

3. Upon completion of the scheduling process your Camp Dawson representative will send you an Approval Packet. This Approval Packet will have your approval letter which will show all the facilities you have reserved as well as any requirements of your organization. The approval letter will also specify the date your due-in documentation must be submitted to Post Operations. Failure to return this documentation by the specified date may result in your event being cancelled. Due-in documentation is due 15 days prior to your arrival at Camp Dawson.

4. Upon arrival, you will need to in-process with Post Operations prior to doing anything else. During this process you will be given an in-processing packet containing certain items that will assist you with your stay at Camp Dawson. From there Post Operations will direct you to the other offices you will need to see in order to begin your training event.

5. During your stay, if you need to make changes to the facilities you have or the dates you have them, simply let Operations know so they can make the necessary adjustments for you.

6. Once you are complete with your training you will need to clear post by visiting the offices you signed in with and going to Operations last so they can clear you from post.

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