Camp Dawson  


Advance Mobility Training Area (AMTA) 

Training Area Description


The 5003 Acre Advanced Mobility Training Area (AMTA) is a holistic harsh terrain, mobility training area that can broadly support in field usage by all services.  The training area is focused around the TRADOC standard “crawl-walk-run” training paradigm; offering a robust drivers training area partnered with over 40 miles of harsh terrain for MRAP’s, HMMWV’s, ATV’s, and NSTV’s.  The AMTA is replicable of the current terrain and environment encountered by warfighters in Afghanistan.  Developed to meet TC 7-31 “MINE RESISTANT AMBUSH PROTECTED (MRAP) FAMILY OF VEHICLES DRIVER TRAINING” standards the AMTA has undergone safety certification and  hundreds of soldiers have completed training at the AMTA; gaining invaluable experience-no injuries.


The AMTA is divided into three training areas (Basic-Intermediate-Advanced)-designed to meet the needs for a realistic mobility training area that allow warfighters the opportunity to operate TWV’s and NSTV’s in a rugged, mountainous and restrictive terrain.  By offering access to a training area that is able to replicate the terrain, deploying warfighters have an increased understanding of the vehicles they will be operating, as well as practical experience in operating vehicles in harsh, challenging terrain. The AMTA was designed with the flexibility and capability to support just about any military wheeled vehicle or NSTV as it can also evolve over time, both in space and in terrain characteristics, keeping pace with the demands of deploying units as well as for different theatres of operation’s terrain characteristics.



·         Location:  7 miles from the Training Support Facility (TSF), 5 miles from the Center For National

      Response (CNR), 25 miles from Charleston West Virginia, 30 miles from Beckley West Virginia

·         Driving Distance from TSF: 7 miles / 15 minutes

·         Driving Distance from Charleston: 25 miles / 35 minutes

·         Driving Distance from Beckley: 30 miles / 40 minutes

·         Communication: When available, cell phone numbers are obtained as a form of contact

·         Scheduling: To reserve this training area, email: or call 304-561-6873.


Training Areas and Opportunities

               Advanced Mobility Corridor

  • 20 Acre Driver’s Testing and Licensing
  • 40 miles of off-road/advanced mobility trails offering 800ft. in elevation change
  • 20 kilometer dismounted land navigation course comprised of 3 separate lanes and 15 points
  • Master-Pull and Hi-Lift Recovery equipment available for use on site
  • Recovery lanes focused on Battle Damage Assessment (BDA) with IED Simulators and red-cell support
  • 100 Acre flat staging/bivouac area which includes an HLZ
  • 13 Man-made vehicular obstacle course designed in accordance with TC7-31

Units interested in adding MEDEVAC and air support to their training event click MEDEVAC.



            Internal Accomodations

The Training Support Facility is comprised of a billeting area capable of lodging 94 personnel.  Currently there are 8 modular housing units ranging from 8 to 16 beds per unit. There is also a conference unit that is available for night time use with briefings or other classroom training.



















Each billeting unit has its own kitchen, washer, and dryer, wide screen TV, VCR and outdoor grill. We supply towels, wash cloths, kitchen utensils, dishes, and silverware. We do not supply bath articles, such as soap and shampoo, nor do we supply food.

The Training Support Facility is located right beside I-77/64 with easy access to Charleston or Beckley. It is in close proximity to a "Rails to Trails" hiking trail that has a marked 2 mile running trail for jogging or bicycling.

This site makes an ideal staging area for operations at the AMTA.




















Classroom/Conference Room

The Training Support Facility features a classroom with a seating capacity of up to 25 students. Also located at the TSF is a conference trailer. Both the classroom and the conference trailer offer wireless internet capability.


Exercise/Workout Facility

Located beside the TSF Classroom is an exercise facility which includes various weight training exercise equipment and free weights.  While lodging at the TSF, guests are welcome to utilize the gym and exercise equipment.

































External Accomodations - Charleston

      Days Inn (304-925-1084)

      Fairfield Inn (304-343-4661)

      Hampton Inn (304-343-9300)

      Red Roof Inn (304-925-8110)

      Residence Inn by Marriott (304-345-4200)

      Hampton Inn Southridge (304-746-4646)

      Wingate by Wyndham (304-744-4444)

      Ramada Plaza Hotel (304-744-4641)



External Accomodations - Beckley

      Best Western Four Seasons Inn (304-252-0671)

      Comfort Inn (304-255-2161)

      Country Inn (304-252-5100)

      Park Inn (304-255-9091)

      Days Inn (304-255-5291)

      Holiday Inn (304-255-1511)


Area Restaurants- Montgomery/Smithers Area


(10 miles, 22 min.) 


·         Benny's

·         Burger Cart

·         Dairy Queen

·         Frank's Pizza

·         Gino's

·         Pizza Hut

·         Potamkin China Restaurant

·         Subway

·         McDonald's

            Area Restaurants- Quincy Area

        (15 miles, 15 min. — I-77 Chelyan exit) 

·         Gino's

·         McDonald's

·         Shoney's

·         Dairy Queen

            Area Restaurants- Marmet Area

            (17miles, 20 min – I77 Marmet Exit)

·         Gino’s/Tudors

·         Hardees

·         Subway



Area Restaurants- Kanawha Area


            (23 miles, 25 min. — I-79 McCorkle Ave. exit)


·         Applebee's

·         Arby's

·         Burger King

·         La Carretta Mexican Restaurant

·         Bob Evans

·         Captain D's

·         China Buffet

·         Cracker Barrel

·         IHOP

·         Penn Station Subs

·         Baskin Robbins

·         Lonestar Steakhouse

·         Texas Steakhouse

·         McDonalds

·         Steak Escape

·         Subway

·         Taco Bell/Pizza Hut

·         Wendy's       

Future Training Opportunities 

            Firing Ranges

      Future range development is underway at the AMTA. We have a 366 acre deed earmarked for future range use.  Currently, the range consists of a 100 meter individual weapons qualification range. Additional ranges will be constructed as the land becomes available.