Camp Dawson  

Range Image

  • Location:   Bldgs 243, 245, 246 
  • Size (Bldgs 243, 245):  50 persons per 4 bay = 200 total beds 
  • Size (Bldgs 246):  40 persons per 4 bay = 160 total beds 
Each bay contains bunkbeds capable of supporting 50 personnel and 50 wall-lockers. (Bldg 243 and 245), 40 personnel and 40 wall-lockers (Bldg 246).  Bays are divided into two sections, separated by a shower/latrine area.  Each latrine area has three toilets and one trough urinal.  Each shower area is equipped with 4 shower heads. All barracks are equipped with heat. Air conditioning is not available at this time.

Support Items Provided by Camp Dawson
Trash cans, mops, brooms, dust pans, mop buckets and mops, toilet brushes, and push brooms

Support Items Provided by Using Unit
Trash bags, cleansers, toilet paper, paper towels

Minimum Linen Requirements
All beds that are utilized must at a minimum use a fitted sheet/mattress cover and a pillowcase. 

Clearing Procedures
The coordination for barracks clearance will be established at the time of in-processing and will be conducted by the Logistics Section of Camp Dawson.