Camp Dawson  

Camp Dawson Defined
Camp Dawson is a state owned, federally funded Army Training Site and is home to various West Virginia National Guard and Reserve units, as well as a Youth Challenge Program.  The scheduling and coordination of all training on Camp Dawson falls under the direction and guidance of the Training Site Command (TSC).  The TSC is a West Virginia National Guard Unit, which in addition to directing 60 plus traditional National Guardsmen, also employees dual-status Federal Technicians and Active Duty Guardsmen to operate the installation on a daily basis.  The Commander of the TSC may also serve as the full-time Base Operations Manager.  The Mission and major goal of the Training Site Command is to provide realistic training opportunities for the West Virginia Army National Guard, the Army National Guard of other States, Army Reserve, Reserve Officer’s Training Corps, and other Active and Reserve components of the Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps. These opportunities impact favorably on unit readiness requirements, and allow the units to meet the challenges of their war time missions.  As a Federally funded installation, Camp Dawson may also provide training opportunities to other Federal and Government agencies as deemed appropriate by the Base Operations Manager and the West Virginia Adjutant General.

Hours of Operation
Camp Dawson sections supporting unit and group training are operational Sunday through Saturday from 0730 to 1600.  Hours may be extended due to training missions and possibly upon request.  Hours may be limited due to holidays or low usage.
Post Security and Post Billeting are operational 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

Scheduling and Information Conference
Camp Dawson will hold a scheduling and information conference during April of each year.  (Refer to the Current Events page for this year’s date). For units and groups already scheduled to train at Camp Dawson, this conference will give you the opportunity to fine tune your training request prior to your arrival.  For those groups planning on scheduling, or who have not trained at Camp Dawson in a while, this conference will afford you the opportunity to see any changes, expansions, and/or plans for future improvements and additions to our training facility.  Groups wishing to attend this conference should coordinate with Camp Dawson Operations.

The Senior Officer of the Training Site Command (TSC) and/or the Base Operations Manager of Camp Dawson will normally meet visiting dignitaries as mutually agreed upon IAW published itineraries.  A list of proposed visit/tours of any O-6 and above and/or any GS-15 and above, should be furnished to Camp Dawson Operations.

Camp Dawson users should abide by AR 670-1, Wear and Appearance of Army Uniform and Insignia.  The ACU Patrol Cap is the basic headgear for utility uniforms in the Camp Dawson Cantonment area.  Based on weather conditions and/or work or training environment, Using Unit Commanders or their designee, may authorize their personnel to wear alternate headgear IAW AR 670-1 when appropriate.

Consistent with the laws of the State of West Virginia, military, civilians or family members, twenty-one years of age or older, are permitted to purchase, possess, transport or consume beer, wine and liquor.  Consumption of beer, wine and liquor shall be in moderation.  No open containers of an alcoholic product may be transported in a motor vehicle.

In accordance with the West Virginia Adjutant General’s Policy Concerning the Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages on Air Bases and Armories, that except for command sponsored events scheduled through the Camp Dawson Operations Office, the consumption of alcoholic beverages in Armories is prohibited.  This policy extends to all areas and facilities of Camp Dawson with the exception of the Liberty Lounge and lodging areas (not including barracks).  It is the responsibility of the Using Unit Commander/Senior NCO to enforce these policies. 

The Camp Dawson Training Site Commander and/or Base Operations Manager, maintains the right to designate other areas on the installation off-limits to alcoholic beverages as he or she deems appropriate.

Abuse of any of the aforementioned policies may result in immediate expulsion from Camp Dawson and the cancellation of future requests.

There is no smoking permitted inside any facility at Camp Dawson.  Smoking is permitted in established smoking areas, designated by signage.  Personnel are also permitted to smoke 50 feet away from any main entrance.  Cigarette butts should only be disposed of in proper receptacles.

Troop Medical Clinic (TMC)
The Troop Medical Clinic (TMC) contains a reception area, three examination rooms, and a doctor’s office, all available to schedule via the ATS Form 1 through Camp Dawson Operations.

The TMC is traditionally not staffed on a full-time basis.  However, during the Summer months (typically May through September) Fort Belvoir may send three to four medics who would be available to see DOD personnel on a daily basis.  Users should contact Camp Dawson Operations for a schedule and/or availability.

Preston Memorial Hospital.
Preston Memorial Hospital is located in Kingwood, WV, approximately 7 miles from Camp Dawson.  See any of the Training Area links for access to a strip map to the hospital.

Line of Duty (LOD) Determination
Line of Duty (LOD) determination is an administrative tool for determining a military member’s duty status at the time an injury, illness, disability, or death is incurred. 

Any military member who is injured while training on Camp Dawson property and who seeks outside medical attention, should provide Camp Dawson a copy of their LOD.  LOD Packets may be obtained from the Camp Dawson Operations Office.

All emergencies should be directed to 911.  If possible, contact Camp Dawson Security at 304-791-4318 to notify of emergency as well.

Accidents and Damages
All accidents and damages, regardless of injury to personnel, Camp Dawson equipment, and/or facilities, should be reported to Camp Dawson Operations.  If incidents occur after hours, please notify Camp Dawson Security.

Installation Access.
References.  WV Code § 15-1H-6

The General Public is not permitted access to Camp Dawson.

In accordance with Camp Dawson Standard Operating Procedures, access to Camp Dawson is granted to the following personnel and under the following situations:

• By showing applicable identification, all Department of Defense (DOD) personnel, to include military members, military retirees, dependents, and DOD Contractors may access Camp Dawson via the Main Gate.
• Personnel who are training at Camp Dawson and who do not have a card identifying them as a DOD employee or dependent, may enter the installation only by way of a Security Notification (ATS Form 15) and through proper authorization granted by Camp Dawson Operations.
• Dependents of non-DOD personnel who are employed at Camp Dawson are permitted on the installation as long they are accompanied by said employee.  Unaccompanied access may be coordinated on a case-by-case basis through Camp Dawson Operations and by using a Security Notification (ATS Form 15).  Civilian contractors, who do not have DOD Identification, are not classified as employees of Camp Dawson.

• Dependent spouses, with proper DOD identification may be accompanied by and will be held responsible for non DOD guests.

• Dependent children who are not accompanied by one or more of their parents are not permitted to bring non DOD guests onto the installation without prior permission from Camp Dawson Operations and a Security Notification (ATS Form 15).

It is the responsibility of Camp Dawson Security to ensure that personnel accessing Camp Dawson meet the aforementioned criteria listed in this Policy Memorandum.  Vague or obscure situations will be immediately directed to Camp Dawson Operations for resolution.

Personal Weapons.
At this time personal weapons are not authorized on Camp Dawson.

Duty weapons such that would be carried by law enforcement officers are authorized however, we do ask that you alert our Security guards at the front gate when you enter the installation.

All other guidance related to Personal Weapons may be obtained through Camp Dawson Operations.

Mailroom/ID Card Facility
Camp Dawson’s Mail Room and ID Card Facility are located in the same building (See Contact Information) and is operational Monday through Friday, 0900 – 1530 hours unless posted otherwise.

Units receiving mail or any type of delivery should notify Camp Dawson Operations via the Pre-Arrival Checklist, and coordinate directly with the Mail Clerk in regards to appropriate address to use, delivery method, etc.  Units or groups should not have any deliveries made to Camp Dawson without advanced coordination with the mail clerk.

ID Cards are available on a first-come-first-serve basis or by appointment.  Group appointments, on weekends, may be requested through the Base Operations Manager and coordinated with the Mail Clerk (See Contact Information).

Camp Dawson Mailing Address and Incoming Mail
The following mailing address should be used for correspondence to Camp Dawson and for mail to personnel in training. Individual’s Name, Full Unit, Organization or Department Name, 1001 Army Road, Kingwood, WV 26537.   All incoming mail is sorted by Camp Dawson mail room staff. Incoming mail for personnel in training will be placed in the using unit’s temporary mailbox in the Mail Room. Shipping, via ground sources other than US Mail, will also be collected at the Mail Room.
The Mail Room does not sell or provide postage stamps.