Camp Dawson  


Range 6

Range Information

  • Location:   Briery Mountain TA (PD 1592 6021) 
  • Distance from post:  8 miles, 30 minute travel time
  • Qualification Type:  Non specific EOD and Engineer Operations
  • Max Explosive amount: 40 lb TNT equivalent
  • Lanes:  1
  • Communication: Radios will be issued by Range Control.  Cell phone can be back up.
  • Scheduling:  To schedule this range, click on the Schedule Event link.
  • OIC / RSO Requirement:  E-7 (OIC),  E-6 (RSO)
  • Assets on Site:  Observation bunker (Requires prior approval from Range Operations for use.)  No other facilities on site porta johns can be coordinated through a contractor.

Requirements of the Using Unit
Range 6 SOP requires that the "Using Unit" provide both an OIC and RSO to be on site in that capacity at all times while the range is "hot". The OIC and RSO must be certified by Camp Dawson Range Control as well as be appointed in writing by the unit commander. The briefing will be scheduled after your training event is approved and prior to your arrival at Camp Dawson. It is also required that the unit maintains two methods of communications on site at all times.

Safety Restrictions
At a minimum a combat lifesaver with aid bag and litter must be on site at all times. Also, the unit must provide a vehicle capable of transporting a litter, to be on site at all times. If these requirements cannot be met the unit will not be granted permission from Camp Dawson Range Control to go into a "hot" status.

Supporting Information


OIC/RSO Memo Format

OIC/RSO Briefing

Risk Management Worksheet

Hospital Strip Map

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Clearing Procedures

The range clearing procedures are outlines in the OIC/RSO range briefing.

Points of Contact
Range Operations:           304-791-4070
Post Operations:               304-791-4388